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Dajiah Allen ‘14 researched diversity statistics about police officers in the City of Pittsburgh, but she didn’t let that deter her. She knew that 86% of her colleagues would be men and that about the same amount would be White. When Dajiah became a City of Pittsburgh Police Officer, she became a triple threat: Black, female, and badged. 

Our mission to break the cycle of generational poverty by empowering youth and preparing them for college and citizenship is exemplified and demonstrated through Dajiah’s journey in public safety and community policing in Pittsburgh, where she is now stationed as a Zone 5 Police Officer. 

The education that Dajiah received at The Neighborhood Academy (TNA) created a stable foundation for success in her life. It was here at TNA where she decided that becoming a Police Officer was her calling - her way to be a responsible citizen that aids society. Her decision was also partially influenced by her friend, who had a traumatic experience; Dajiah knew that she could work within the police force to promote and build community trust and create change just by being herself.

As a Black, female Police Officer in Pittsburgh, Dajiah knows that she is a minority in more ways than one. In fact, Dajiah belongs to a group of .6%, representing all Black, female officers in the force in 2020. But she doesn’t view this as a weakness - this is her strength

Dajiah learned from her role models at TNA how to be one for others like her. Realizing her destiny as a change agent, she embraced the brave and bold courageousness within herself to become an upstanding citizen dedicated to saving lives and preventing injustices. 

Your thoughtfulness and generosity foster an environment where students like Dajiah can feel safe to learn, grow, and become citizens and role models for future generations. Please consider a leadership gift this year and know that every dollar contributed to support our students makes a difference. 

Our personal genetic code provides a basis for life, and we cannot survive without it. Likewise, a generous community of supporters comprises TNA’s DNA, and we cannot meet our mission without you. Thank you for your contribution and participation in our mission. 

Yours in partnership,

Dr. Anthony P. Williams

Head of School