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Help show our students that their lives have value.  

Your gift ensures every student receives:

College preparatory curriculum and technology

Wrap around services including: three meals a day, transportation, counseling and more

Supportive environment, caring faculty and staff.


Ability. Belief. Resilience. Transcendence.

“I’ve got a story to tell,” said Quentaja, one of twenty-six graduating Seniors who has already received 13 college acceptance letters and juggles a part-time job, a position on the volleyball team, and full-time academics. As a future, first-generation college student, she recalls her story as one of resiliency, believing that in order to grow as a person, you must “challenge yourself.”


Twenty years after the founding of The Neighborhood Academy in 2001, these four pillars chosen by our co-founders continue to represent the foundation of our mission to break the cycle of generational poverty by empowering youth and preparing them for college and citizenship. These pillars convey the reality that our students face daily. To find success on their terms, our students must have the ability to achieve, the belief in themselves and others, the resilience to overcome, and transcendence to exceed their own personal expectations and the expectations of society.

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Resiliency. The global pandemic has exemplified the importance of resiliency in our community and beyond; however, Black children and families are no stranger to resilience. Every day, black youth and families must demonstrate perseverance regardless of the conditions in which they live, and in the face of historic underrepresentation and racial unrest.


Getting closer to graduation, Quentaja is most excited to start telling her story to those who will follow her footsteps. By intervening in the lives of youth like her, we change their trajectory and activate the resiliency already within them by challenging them- guaranteeing acceptance to college and a story they will be proud to tell.


As we near the end of the school year and begin summer, please accept our overwhelming gratitude and joy celebrating your past support and ask that you renew your support today.


In solidarity,

Dr. Anthony Williams, Head of School